lunedì 11 giugno 2018

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Un modo piacevole per iniziare la settimana.

"Who is that very pretty woman coming this way?"
Jason didn't need to follow Venom's gaze - he could feel Mahiya's presence as a gentle heat against his wings. "The Princess Mahiya, and she is mine."
He had no right to make sucha a claim,but Venom had a way of charming women when he was in the mood, and Jason discovered he did not wish Mahiya to be charmed.
"Ah." The vampire turned and jumped off the gate with an insouciant carelessness that had Mahiya's hand slapping over her heart.
But Venom came to a crouching Landing on his toes, lithe as a cat.
Landing beside him, Jason watched Mahiya rather than Venom as the vampire rose and bent over her hand. "Impossibile as it seems, I do non believe we have ever met."
Mahiya's fascinated gaze lingered on Venom's eyes as he lifted his head and released her hand. "No..but I have heard of the vampire with the viper's eyes. You were based at the Delhi court in the main."
Archangel's Storm by N.SINGH